A new exhibition curated by Gina Levenspiel opened this week at the Tin Sheds Gallery at Sydney University. 

Interrogating three materials, Ochre Spinifex & Foilpresents new pathways in Australian design knowledge arising from the 2-way exchange of Indigenous and non-Indigenous science.

Themes include the ethical exchange of scientific and cultural knowledge; the legal place and protection of traditional intellectual knowledge; and the exercise of discretionary knowledge.

This project is an initiative of Michael Tawa (Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning) and Shane Houston (Deputy Vice-Chancellor Indigenous Strategy and Services). The exhibition collaborators are The Myuma Group & the University of Queensland Aboriginal Environments Research Centre & Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology; Warmun Art Centre & the University of Melbourne Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation; Ametalin; and the individual efforts made by Jakelin Troy, Robyn Sloggett, Dr Alex Byrne, Paul Memmott, Terri Janke, Alison Page, Kevin O’Brien, Ken McBryde and Michel Bostrom.

Now on show at the Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney University

Tuesday – Friday: 11 – 5pm

24 September – 6 November 2015

Read more about the exhibition: sydney.edu.au/architecture/osf