Newsletter Issue Number:
AICCM National Newsletter No 138 June 2017
Kasi Albert

Activities of the Objects Special Interest Group are always as varied as the interests of the members themselves. Recently, objects conservators came together with the Electron SIG for a joint symposium, The Shock of the New. With a focus on contemporary art, modern materials and innovative conservation problem-solving, this event was a fantastic example of the importance of cross-pollination and interdisciplinary collaboration within the conservation profession and also with allied professionals. Emerging approaches to preserving digital landscapes have important implications for continuing innovation in more traditional objects conservation. The symposium was a success, but more importantly will be continuing the conversations and relationships that were established.

In other news, Objects SIG convenor Helen Privett has stepped down after several years of service to the group. Helen has been responsible for supporting many fascinating and worthwhile events and huge thanks go to her for all her hard work with the Objects SIG (as well as a myriad of other AICCM roles)! Kasi Albert has taken over as the new convenor and is looking forward to continuing Helen’s work and finding out where the group would like to go next.

Kasi Albert, AGNSW
Convenor, Objects SIG