Newsletter Issue Number:
AICCM National Newsletter No 139 September 2017
Sheldon Teare

The NSW State Division committee is working hard to deliver this year’s National AICCM Conference. As many of you are aware, the Conference will be held at the HistoricCarrington Hotel, Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains. Details can be found on the AICCM website here.

The speakers have been notified regarding their selection, and those we could not fit in as full papers are being approached about giving Lightning talks. Please contact Colin Macgregor if you have not heard back about your submission.

Our team is putting the finishing touches on the Event/Tours. This information will be sent out as a package soon. If you have registered for the conference or are considering it, please don’t delay booking in your accommodation.

I would like to get in early and say a very big thank you to our Sponsors so far. The uptake of our sponsorship packages has been overwhelming. We really appreciate it!

Another big thanks has to go to my wonderful Committee, who are doing a fantastic job, and putting up with my dictatorial whims.

A reminder of who to say a big thank you to at the Conference:

Sheldon Teare—President
Claire Heasman—Secretary
Karina Acton—Treasurer
Colin Macgregor—Public Officer
Megan Dean-Jones
Madeleine Snedden
Alayne Alvis
Julie O’Connor
Nick Flood
Sarah-Jane Rennie
Kasi Albert
Wendi Powell
Matteo Volonte
Oliver Hull

NSW Committee

Two events have been held this year;

  • AICCM Membership tour of the Combined Museum Storage facility at Castle Hill
  • Conservation Talk at the Maritime Museum on the Hartog Plate

The Committee is also looking into holding at least one more event for NSW Membership this year and a Christmas party!

Sheldon Teare (PMAICCM)
State President, NSW