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AICCM National Newsletter No 135 September 2016

Who remembers the 1st AICCM Paintings Group Symposium held in Ballarat in Victoria in 1988?

Who is getting ready to attend the 14th AICCM Paintings Group Symposium ‘Revivify’ from 26-28 October this year at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra?

The AICCM Paintings Group has been working to collate all the past publications from its Special Interest Group Symposiums. These publications are usually abstracts only, and the early abstracts booklets were produced using typewriters and Letraset. (How much fun was Letraset?) The first ‘born digital’ abstracts booklet was produced in 2006 in Brisbane at the 10th Paintings Group Symposium. You can view the list of paintings SIG events since 1988 and find links to their publications here (…). This is in the member only section of the AICCM website, so you have to be logged in to view and retrieve this information.

There are some gaps in the information we have, and we are searching for hard copies of abstracts from some symposiums. Check your archives – If  you have a copy from the following AICCM Paintings Group Symposiums we’d love to hear from you:

  • 1st Symposium, November 1988, Ballarat
  • 2nd Symposium, November 1989, Albury, NSW
  • 4th Symposium, March 1993 in Robertson, NSW
  • 5th Symposium, March 1995, Lorne, Victoria
  • 8th Symposium, September 2001, Sydney, NSW

If you have copies please contact: