Newsletter Issue Number:
AICCM National Newsletter No 153 March 2021
Cobus Van Breda

I am looking for someone to take on the role of E-News Editor. I love being involved with this but I think it is time for someone with a fresh approach and maybe some new ideas. Essentially you get to communicate with many of your conservation colleagues and work with a fantastic team: our copy editor Sue Bassett in Italy, our web editor Paul Coleman and Secretariat Michelle Berry in Tasmania and our incredible Communications Officer Zora Sanders in Adelaide.

Your job is to make sure the callout for contributions goes out four times a year and you contact regular contributors and solicit any material relevant to the profession. Once the material has been emailed to you it is then put into Dropbox for the rest of the team to weave their magic! You probably need to spend about five hours per edition.

This is a voluntary position so to be honest it probably best suits someone in full-time employment, particularly if you have a sympathetic employer. I am happy to work with you for the first and even other editions until you are happy to fully take over. Please contact me if you are interested via email.

Cobus Van Breda

Publications Officer