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AICCM National Newsletter No 135 September 2016
Helen Privett

2016 has been a very busy year for events in the AICCM, thanks to some amazing volunteers who’ve brought great ideas to fruition. So far we’ve had the Textiles Symposium with three well attended workshops, Functional Objects Workshop, Preservation of Geological Specimens and most recently RTI Workshop and introductory sessions to RTI and Photogrammetry. An enormous thanks to Julie O’Connor, Vanessa Wiggins, Dani Measday and Claire Tindall for their organisation of these events, Zenzie Tinker, Carla Shroer, Mark Mudge, Dr Caroline Buttler, David Hallam, Wendy Dodd, Tess Evans, Dr Ian McLeod and Rinske Carr for presenting and Powerhouse Museum, Australian National Maritime Museum, Whiteman Park, Museum Victoria and Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation at University of Melbourne for hosting. Looking at this list of names and organisations makes me grateful for how supportive and passionate the conservation community is!

In the next couple of months we’ll have more events – SIG symposiums for Conservation Framing and Gilded Objects (August, Melbourne), Book and Paper (October, Canberra) and Paintings (October, Canberra). We then give Michelle and Hilary a little rest until February 2017 when Objects and Electron hold a joint symposium in Melbourne.

In other news seven SIGs are due for elections. If you are interested in becoming a convenor or co-convenor now is the time to start getting involved! Call for nominations will be coming out over the next month for Photon, Exhibitions, Textiles, Gilded Objects and Conservation Science.

I’d like to use this opportunity to once again let members know I will not be standing for re-election to the post of Event and SIG Coordinator past November 2017. It is a fantastic role to have in the AICCM and if anyone is interested I’d be happy to give them more information about what it entails. Contact me on or 03 8341 7235.

Objects SIG

Objects has joined forces with Electron to start planning a symposium for February 2017 titled ‘The Shock of the New: Modern Materials, Media and Methods’. A dedicated committee, Karina Palmer, Helen Privett, Di Whittle, Somaya Langley, Stuart Fuller and Gerald Priess, have been meeting monthly to make a great event for everyone interested in this diverse topic. The call for papers has gone out and we look forward to being flooded with amazing challenges to share! We’ve also shortlisted candidates for keynote speakers and workshops and hope this will be a stimulating symposium for all who attend.


Helen Privett

You can find contact details for the SIG convenors on the SIG pages under ‘About’ in the menu above.