Newsletter Issue Number:
AICCM National Newsletter No 140 December 2017
Laura Gransby

Student Conservators @ Melbourne are excited to announce the establishment of the Conservation Mentoring Program.

Unlike traditional mentoring, SC@M will be running this program entirely over email, for a fixed term of three months in early 2018. This enables professional participants to engage when the timing suits them, as well as removing geographical boundaries.

Students will identify an object to treat, something they own or an op-shop find, and will present a detailed treatment proposal as part of their mentee application. They will then contact their assigned mentor, once or twice a fortnight over the three-month mentorship. First they will present their treatment proposal and then they will be encouraged to ask questions and send photos of their progress. Mentors will be asked to respond to these questions, guide students towards relevant references, and of course, give feedback on the project itself.

We invite professionals Australia-wide to participate in mentoring second-year Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation students, as they work through a self-driven project on a mock object of their choosing. If responding to an email a week, March to May next year, sounds doable to you, we would encourage you to add your name on our mentor list. This list will also serve as our information portal, so even if you aren’t certain that you can participate, your interest is welcome.

To sign up as a mentor, or for more information, please go to this link:

SC@M President,
Laura Gransbury