Newsletter Issue Number:
AICCM National Newsletter No 160 April 2023

Scroll is a journal supported by the Student Conservators at Melbourne (SC@M) at the Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation, University of Melbourne. It is a platform for emerging professionals from various disciplines to share their ideas, projects and passions in the area of cultural materials conservation.

We are looking for content to fit in the following categories:

[ essays ]

These could be opinion pieces, critiques, research, or random musings. Maybe something could be pulled together by re-working an assignment, or fleshing out an idea that was outside the scope of an assignment.

[ creative ]

Creative writing, illustrations and images, satire … all forms considered.

[ reviews ]

Books, articles, journals, workshops, exhibitions, webinars, conferences—anything that’s caught your attention as inspiring or important, or in need of critiquing.

[ interviews ]

These could be conducted for the purpose of publication, such as directing questions at a conservator or artist in order to understand and record their processes and techniques.

[ reports ]

Formalise the ideas and results of a personal project or treatment with a report, or create a report or summary of a conference or webinar.

Contributors may choose to submit an abstract (max. 200 words) due on 15 April 2023.

Full-length submissions are due on 30 June 2023.

We do not require submissions to meet a minimum word count. However, we do ask that submissions be kept below 5,000 words.

All academic writing should be referenced per the AICCM Bulletin reference guide

The Scroll editorial team provides editorial support for all aspects of readying a piece of work for publication, including feedback on writing, syntax, argument, referencing, and language choice. The editorial process is highly collaborative, and your submission may see numerous revisions as we work together towards the best possible outcome. Works are copyedited and typeset for publication by the Scroll editorial team, with consultation and final approval from contributors.

Please direct all queries, proposals or submissions to the Scroll editorial team.

The first two editions of Scroll are available to download

With thanks,

Emma Dacey, Rachel Davis, Joshua Loke, Emily May and Jonathan van Toor
The Scroll Editorial Team