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AICCM National Newsletter No 133 March 2016
Adele Barbara

Adele Barbara has generously volunteered to take on the development and editing of the AICCM Wiki, a long-planned project that will give AICCM members a place to share their extensive knowledge and capture some of that invaluable conservation know-how curently kept in people’s heads, notebooks and personal computers so that it isn’t lost as people move between roles and institutions. It will be a place with a uniquely Australian focus, where current and future generations can share their experiences and learn from the trials and success of others without having to reinvent the wheel for each project. Adele is a student at the Grimawade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation and we’re very grateful to her for taking on this task.
— Zora Sanders, AICCM Web Editor

While the AICCM Wiki page has not been active for some time, it would be a fantastic resource for AICCM members and we’re keen to get it up and running. I will be working with the incoming Web Editor Zora Sanders to collate and publish easily accessible information for students and conservation professionals about a range of conservation topics, from recipes and storage solutions to publishing and tool kit advice.

We are seeking to form a Wiki Working Group, which will help to facilitate the publication of articles on the Wiki. We’d love to get your input into the project, as much or as little as you’d like to contribute. Once the Working Group has been formed, a formal call out for topics or contributions will be made.
If you would be interested in being involved in the Wiki Working Group, or if you would like express interest in contributing to the Wiki then please contact Adele Barbara via email on abarbara[at]