Newsletter Issue Number:
AICCM National Newsletter No 138 June 2017
Zora Sanders

The AICCM website has a range of helpful information for both members of the public seeking information about conservation and AICCM members looking for professional conservation resources.

AICCM’s Things We Conserve section is publically accessible and provides a useful guide to many of the material and objects types that conservators work with. It is a great resource for members of the public hoping to understand the materials and techniques present in their own prized possessions, as well as basic guidelines for object care and maintenance. It’s also a useful starting point for students, allied professionals and other conservators who may be investigating an object or material they haven not encountered previously. To access the Things We Conserve section, visit the AICCM website and click ‘Things We Conserve’.

For AICCM members, we provide an extensive directory of retailers who stock specialist and general conservation supplies. The directory features suppliers of everything the conservation professional might need, including archival quality card and paper stocks, custom suction tables and other specialist equipment, surgical tools, fabrics, paints, adhesives, chemicals and much more. We regularly update the directory to ensure details remain as current as possible, and always welcome additional entries from members who can expand or add entries for the benefit of all members. To access the suppliers directory, first log in on the AICCM homepage, then click ‘Supplies’ in the second row of menu options at the top of the page.