Newsletter Issue Number:
AICCM National Newsletter No 155 September 2021
Lisa Mansfield

Key moments below:

– 10 AGENTS OVER 10 MONTHS: Online forums #8, #9 and #10 still to come!

– ‘Decision Making in Disasters’ workshop with Dr Dolapo Fakuade

– AUSTRALIAN MADE: the first Paintings SIG virtual forum



The AICCM Preventive SIGs online forums, 10 AGENTS OVER 10 MONTHS, have seen over 1200 people joining us live from 30 countries. This new series has been running monthly from March, exploring and expanding the traditional 10 Agents of Deterioration to encompass relevant topics and themes. Our stellar line-up of conservation luminaries, who have generously shared their knowledge on #1 TEMP/RH, #2 PHYSICAL FORCES, #3 DISSOCIATION, #4 LIGHT, #5 PESTS, #6 POLLUTANTS, and #7 THEFT, VANDALS and REPATRIATION, will soon be joined by:



28 OCT, 7pm-8:30pm


Our country, like others, is experiencing more frequent and more intense natural disasters. This session will revisit the devastating 2019 bushfires, discover how recovery networks are building, uncover the community response and look beyond the traditional response and recovery to examine how we can respond better.


Dr Dolapo Fakuade – Director of Resilespur Consulting

Scotia Monkivitch – Creative Recovery Network

Jennifer Thompson – Bundanon and Bushfire

With thanks to our session sponsor DataComIT and session supporters Steamatic and Prolab.



18 NOV, 7pm–8:30pm

This session will explore how the conservation profession has been affected by COVID at an International, State and local level. The pandemic has exposed that our resilience is no more neutral than the rest of our museum experience. The lack of ability to connect to the physical objects is contrasted with the opportunities to connect with people, not just in our own teams but around the world.


Professor Jane Henderson – Professor in Conservation at Cardiff University

Rebekah Butler – Museums & Galleries Queensland

Elizabeth McCartney – Museums Victoria

With thanks to our Session Sponsor DataComIT.




DEC, 7pm–9pm

We are excited to be announcing the date and speakers for our final session in the coming months.

The Master Minds session is a panel discussion between 5 selected professionals from across the globe that have diverse strengths, expertise and perspectives on the key themes. The theme of the evening is:

Isolation and the silver linings – How do we prevent isolation becoming the 11th risk?

Through the isolated filter we see the faults in the profession, and we have challenged the panellists to create a new environment for the conservator of the future. We have determined three associated and underpinning themes that relate to isolation and our profession and we are asking our panellists for their expertise, comment, creative strategy and a positive way forward.

The key elements, within the overarching theme of isolation, are – Collaboration, Education and Sustainability. These themes intersect, overlap and influence each other and should not be considered separately. How do we approach these themes with hope, positivity and clear direction for the conservator of the future?



Mary Jo Lelyveld – National Museum of Victoria. Sustainable Collections Committee AICCM

Julian Bickersteth – International Conservation Services, IIC President

Prof Jane Henderson – Prof in Conservation Cardiff University

Dr Athanasios Velios  – Reader in Documentation at Camberwell

And we are waiting to confirm our fifth panellist.


The AoC committee will also be reaching out to the conservation community and beyond for comment, questions and discussion prior to and during the session.


Register now for 10 AGENTS OVER 10 MONTHS sessions, read the full program, and watch the earlier forum talks.


Beyond the walls – Identifying Decision Makers during Disasters

21 OCT, Time 1:00 – 4:00 PM AEST


Disruptive events such as disasters and cascading effects of crisis have increased in frequency and scale. Such increase requires communities, institutions and organisations to build back better, commit to better preparedness, and to develop better anticipation capacities for future responses.

This 3 hour workshop will be delivered by Dr Dolapo (Dolas) Fakuade 

This workshop is designed for all carers of collections to identify:


‘who’ they need to collaborate with;

‘how’ they can develop the necessary relationships to address unanticipated risks, protection and access during disaster response;

‘what’ strategy to adopt for better protection


The workshop uses examples around the world to explain the importance of developing relationships with emergency organisations, and how better relationships can help conservators address problems associated with planning for unanticipated risks and access issues during response.


The workshop is open to all conservators, collection managers, registrars, facility and building managers and all carers of collections around Australia.


Register now for Beyond the Walls – Identifying Decision Makers during Disasters



The Paintings SIG’s first virtual forum, AUSTRALIAN MADE, will be held from 15 November to 3 December 2021. The forum explores the act of making – the coalescence of materials, methods, inspiration, intent, training and experience – within a distinctly Australian context. It celebrates the technical diversity and originality of Australian painting, and considers the ways in which geography, technology, gender and Indigenous culture shape approaches to materials and techniques.


A combination of live presentations, pre-recorded content, and seminars will be presented online, extending the AICCM Paintings SIGs reach to local, national and international audiences. Registrations will open in October.