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AICCM National Newsletter No 142 June 2018

Vic Division have had an exciting past few months with two great events. The ‘Reflections on Richard Wolbers Workshops’ panel discussion (11th April) brought together participants from the workshops and those who had been unable to attend to talk about and share what had been learnt and how this was being put into practice. It was a really informative and inspiring discussion, with many thanks owed to our excellent panel Alice Cannon, Dani Measday, Cushla Hill, Briony Pemberton, Marika Kocsis and Raye Collins. Then on 15th May Vic Division presented our first ever event for the Australian Heritage Festival. ‘Stories from Conservation’ was held at the Melbourne Museum theatre and presented six short presentations from Conservators working across Victoria, showcasing their fascinating work and the passion behind it. The event was open to the public and as part of the purpose of the event was to help raise the public profile of conservation, we were really happy to find that we sold more tickets at the standard public price than at the member discounted price (for AICCM members and members of allied organisations). The evening was a great success and Vic Division would like to thank Museums Victoria for their generous support and all of our amazing speakers: Dani Measday, Sabine Cotte, Penny Byrne, Suzi Shaw and Caroline Fry. Their stories really made the night. And we got great feedback from the audience, including asking for more events like this, which was really exciting.