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AICCM National Newsletter No 154 June 2021
Lisa Mansfield

Agents of Change

The AICCM Preventive SIG’s online forum 10 AGENTS OVER 10 MONTHS is well under way! See the full program and save the dates for our monthly meet-ups with live Q&A sessions, so you can get involved in the discussion.

#4 Light: 17 June 2021. David Saunders, Scott Rosenfeld and Ian Langston will each explore the topic of light and managing its impact on collections.

– Lighting guidelines and policy (David Saunders)

– LED lighting, what it means for conservators (Scott Rosenfeld)

– Micro-fading and institutional impact (Ian Langston)

#5 Pests: 22 July 2021. Delve into collaborative approaches to Integrated Pest Management in museums, galleries and historic sites. Australian conservators Rehan Scharenguivel (they/them) and Jessie Gray (she/her) will share their separate institutional experiences in collaborating with commercial operators. Amber Xavier-Rowe will provide an update to ‘Operation Clothes Moth’ from English Heritage. A survey to better understand the state of IPM in our organisations will be shared shortly.

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The AICCM Paintings SIG is hosting the AICCM’s first online symposium! Held from 15 November to 3 December 2021, AUSTRALIAN-MADE will explore the act of making – the coalescence of materials, methods, inspiration, intent, training and experience – within a distinctly Australian context. Celebrating the technical diversity and originality of Australian painting, the symposium considers the ways in which geography, technology, gender and Indigenous culture shape approaches to materials and techniques.

The theme encompasses technical research, preventive care, archiving practices, dialogue with artists, treatment strategies, and other novel ways to illuminate and honour the making process, to investigate the unique conservation challenges posed by Australian paintings and how conservators might integrate new technologies and plan for future challenges.

AUSTRALIAN-MADE will host a mix of live and on-demand content. Program details will be announced soon.

Photo credit: Phyl Waterhouse, Alannah Coleman and Charles Bush in the life classroom at the National Gallery School in 1935, photographer Argus (Melbourne, Vic), State Library of Victoria.

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