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AICCM National Newsletter No. 98, March 2006

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  • Barr, Joanna. Review: BigStuff Seminar, December 2005, Australian War Memorial
  • Bickersteth, Julian. Cold Climate Conservation
  • Bullock, Veronica. Letter to the Editor
  • Johns, Darby. Letter to the Editor
  • Lavrencic, Tamara. President’s report
  • Loughrey, Sean. Near Infrared Reflectography (NIR) Still Photography with digital SLR cameras
  • National Council News
  • People & Projects
  • Peters, Greg. The Dilemma of Conserving 20th Century Furniture Finishes
  • Scroope, Kylie. Letter to the Editor
  • Shaw, Suzanna. Techniques and Traditions of Japanese Lacquer Conservation
  • Wain, Alison. Laser Cleaning for Heritage Artefacts