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AICCM National Newsletter No. 90, March 2004

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  • Archer, Eric. President’s Report
  • Glen, Katy. Book Review: A Guide to the Preventive Conservation of Photograph Collections (Bertrand Lavendrine, Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles 2003).
  • Lyall, Jan. An oral history of the conservation and preservation of movable cultural heritage profession in Australia.
  • No author. Obituary _ Bettina Jessell, September 20, 1917-October 26, 2003.
  • People & Projects
  • Reeve, Barbara. Lab Profile: Australian War Memorial.
  • Scott, Marcelle. The Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation.
  • Shaw, Suzi. Review: Urushi 2003 _ International Course on Conservation of Japanese Lacquer, 16 September _ 3 October 2003, Tokyo & Kiso region, Japan.
  • Wain, Alison. To infinity and beyond! A little light crystal ball and navel gazing for the Conservation Profession.