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AICCM National Newsletter No. 86, March 2003

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  • Carter, Anne. An interview with Indonesian Artist, Hen Dono.
  • Daniel, Vinod. Ausheritage _ Australia’s Export Network for Cultural Heritage services _ An Introduction.
  • Dixon, Tom. Lab Profile: National Gallery of Victoria.
  • Flynn, Bee. Review: AICCM Textile Symposium 2002, Binnaburra
  • Lodge, Lamington National Park, Queensland, 19-20 August 2002.
  • People & Places
  • Peters, Greg. Review: 6th International Furniture Symposium on Wood and Furniture Conservation, December 2002, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Preservationperson _ The Unaccessioned Files.
  • The Uma Fukun Timor Management Team. Uma Fukun Timor (UFT) East Timor Cultural Centre, D.I., East Timor.