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AICCM National Newsletter No. 78, March 2001

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  • AICCM Tasmanian Division. Obituary _ Jan Wojciech Stanczyk 1947-2001.
  • Cloughley, Denyl. Technical Exchange: An Adhesive for Rubber Pieces on Gemini, 1965, by Colin Lancely.
  • Edmonds, Penelope. Pesticide Contamination of Native American Artefacts _ A Conference Review.
  • Glen, Katy. Review: Preservation and Conservation Issues Related to Digital Printing and Understanding the Photograph Album _ Report on a Study Trip to London and Florence.
  • Gustavson, Anita. Review: Professional development Courses at the Centre for Photographic Conservation, London.
  • Johnson, Benita. Research News: results of Student Research Projects Questionnaire.
  • People & Places
  • Preservationperson.
  • Technical exchange: Golden Measles on Photographs.
  • Unusual Moments _ A funny thing happened on the way to the lab.