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AICCM National Newsletter No 77 Dec 2000

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  • Ackeroyd, Catherine. Technical Exchange: Conservation and Project Management.
  • Anderson, Jennifer. Cellulose Acetate Project Update.
  • Ballinger, Christine. Address to the International Paper Arts Congress, Italy 2000.
  • Bomford, David. IIC 18th International Congress, Melbourne 2000 – Closing Remarks.
  • Cox, Mary. Review: The Museum Building and Environment, Melbourne October 16-20, 2000.
  • Jeong, Lisa. Review: Mass Deacidification in Practice.
  • Kyi, Caroline. Technical Exchange; Soluble Nylon Research.
  • McGowan-Jackson, Holly. Review: Compensation of Losses in Gilded Surfaces: In-gilding and Inpainting Using Traditional and Modern Materials and Methods.
  • Opinion _ Conservation vs. Restoration, Old vs. New. Responses by John Kemister.
  • People & Places
  • Preservationperson.
  • Research News: University of Canberra third year Research Projects.
  • Scott, Marcelle. IIC 18th International Congress, Melbourne 2000 – Opening Statement.
  • Tennant, Fiona. Review: IIC 18th International Congress, Melbourne 2000.