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AICCM National Newsletter No. 72, Sept. 1999

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  • Borig, Janelle. Further Afield _ An Aussie Conservator at the Bavarian National Museum, Munich, Germany.
  • Hodgeman, Jennifer. Review: AIC General Meeting, St Louise, Missouri, 8-13 June 1999.
  • McGowan-Jackson, Holly. Health & Safety: Note on Tin-Mercury Mirrors.
  • Najar, Pamela. Lab Profile: The Library and Information Service of Western Australia (LISWA).
  • O’Connor, Julie. Research News: Consolidants for Sydney Sandstone?
  • People & Places
  • Pagliarino, Amanda. Propoly constructed storage boxes.
  • Various. Opinion: Contract-based work vs. permanent employment. Responses from Ulli Broeze-Hoernemann and Thomas Dixon.