Newsletter Issue Number:
AICCM National Newsletter No. 70 March 1999
  • Alcock, Johanna. Review: Japanese Paper Conservation Seminar 1998.
  • Cannon, Alice (compiler). Mouldy Reading List.
  • Cannon, Alice (compiler). What to do about mould
  • Cannon, Alice. Interview with a Mycologist _ Ailsa Hocking.
  • Carpenter, Jon. A Visit to Pitcairn Island.
  • Cox, Mary. Mould Cleaning Project at the State Library of Victoria.
  • Hallam, David. Technical Exchange: Food in Display Spaces.
  • Johnson, Benita. Research News: 1998 Student Research Projects at the University of Canberra.
  • Jones, Holly. Health & Safety: Useful equipment for Working with Mould.
  • Laidler, Stewart, Rose Peel & Susie Bioletti. Research News: Infra-red Project.
  • Mansell, Heather. Review: Conference/Workshop on Emergency Planning and Disaster Management for ASEAN Museums and Heritage Institutions.
  • McInnis, Kerry. Lab Profile: Art and Archival Pty Ltd.
  • Parker, David. Report on Mould in the Seminario Barbarigo Library, Montefiascone, Italy.
  • Parker, Sophie. Technical Exchange: UV Curing Fiberglass Sheeting.
  • People & Places
  • Roth, Vanessa. Further Afield: Betel nut and Coca Cola: A Conservator in Micronesia.
  • Technical Exchange: National Archives of Australia _ An Accredited Testing Facility.
  • Walsh, Kate. Book review: Conservation and Care of Collections, West Australian Museum, 1998, by D. Gilney and I Godfrey.