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AICCM National Newsletter No. 69 Dec. 1998

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  • Ambrose, Wallace R. The Wilkes Hut Project, Antarctica
  • Dixon, Thomas. The week after the day the gas went off.
  • Drummond, Gina. The Record Power Turbovisor _ a ‘No Excuses’ piece of safety equipment
  • Fitzpatrick, Frances. Further Afield: From the Fiji Museum
  • People & Places
  • Scott, Marcelle. Lab Profile: Museum Victoria, Collections Conservation Department
  • Shellard, Sam. Review: ICOM ’98, Melbourne
  • Sloggett, Robyn. Review: The Document of Pavia
  • Smith, Wendy. Review: Care of Photographic, Moving Image, and Sound Collections. York, UK.
  • Treatment of a Steamship Poster at the National Archives
  • Treatment of Embossed Certificates
  • Treatment Report: ‘Portrait of John Aitken’
  • Webb, Colin. Review: Guidelines for Digital Reformatting. Warwick, UK.