Newsletter Issue Number:
AICCM National Newsletter No 133 March 2016
Nicole Tse

The AICCM Bulletin volume 36.2 is now published online through Taylor & Francis. Hard copies have been delayed due to circumstances beyond AICCM or Taylor & Francis’ control but we hope to have available them for distribution soon.

AICCM members can access the new version via the AICCM website member area here. Don’t forget to log in to access this page. 

The new volume includes:

  • Robyn Sloggett  ‘A national conservation policy for a new millennium—building opportunity, extending capacity and securing integration in cultural materials conservation’.

Content on cultural materials conservation in this part of the world with papers by:

  • Susanna Collis ‘Revisiting conservation treatment methodologies for waterlogged archaeological wood: an Australian study’
  • Samantha Hamilton and Steaphan Paton ‘Boorun’s Canoe’
  • Amanda Pagliarino and Michael Marendy ‘Ron mueck in bed (2005)—a contemporary textile challenge’
  • Céline De Courlon, Simon Ives and Paula Dredge ‘Fields of colour: the conservation of matt, synthetic paintings by Michael Johnson’
  • Eliza O’Donnell, Nicole Tse and Amerrudin Ahmad ‘Material availability and painting practice: a Case Study of Singapore Artist Georgette Chen’

And ways to inform evidence based conservation treatment methods with:

  • Lucy Willet, Mick Newnham and Petronella Nel ‘Preliminary testing of tea leaves as alternative adsorbants for preserving early cellulosic motion picture film’
  • Somayeh Soleymani, Tracy Ireland and Dennis McNevin ‘Toning Japanese tissue papers: an International Survey of Paper Conservation Practitioners’

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