Newsletter Issue Number:
AICCM National Newsletter No 140 December 2017
Nicole Tse, Editor

After a busy conference year in 2017 with the AICCM National Conference ‘Collaborate Connect Conserve’ in November and the Joint AICCM Electron and Objects Special Interest Group Conference ‘Shock of the New: Modern Materials, Media and Methods’ in February, the AICCM Bulletin will publish two special volumes on these themes in 2018. Thesespecial themed volumes will provide an opportunity for deeper discussion on conservation in the region and contemporary issues that impact upon practice.

Volume 39.1 will be in honour of Professor Colin Pearson and the themes explored during the Gedenkschrift panel hosted at the AICCM National Conference. As you know, the Gedenkschrift panel included the distinguished speakers: Dr Ian McLeod who spoke on ‘Materials Research in Conservation’, Dr Marcelle Scott on ‘Conservation Education and Pedagogy’, Kim Morris on ‘Conservation Practice’, Julian Bickerseth on ‘International Impact of Australian Research’, Amanda Pagliarino on ‘Preventive Conservation and Environmental Guidelines’, and Ian Cook on ‘Conservation in the Asia Pacific’. Other papers from the conference that align well to these themes will also be included in the volume.

With guest editors Somaya Langley, Gerald Preiss and Helen Privett, volume 39.2 of the AICCM Bulletin will include contributions from the AICCM Joint Electron and Objects Special Interest Group Conference with a dedicated volume on Moving Forward: Beyond the Shock of the New, on the theme of access to and preservation of audiovisual, digital and hybrid works. We aim to highlight the current and critical discussion around the intersections of traditional ‘object’ preservation and the working practices demanded by digital and audiovisual preservation, accessibility and the representation of these collection materials found across the GLAM sector. Audiovisual and digital materials are becoming increasingly ‘complex’ (with many dependencies on hardware, software and more). In addition, within gallery and museum contexts, it is common to find works that are hybrid and/or highly ephemeral.

Finally the AICCM Bulletin wishes to apologise for the delay in delivery of volume 38.1 in 2017. There has been a hold up in the Taylors & Francis warehouse and the publisher is looking into this. Taylors & Francis have assured us that volume 38.1 will be sent out as soon as possible. While volume 38.2 is in production and will be printed and distributed by the end of the year.

We thank everyone, authors, peer reviewers, the AICCM Bulletin editorial committees and the AICCM National Council for their support.

Nicole Tse, Editor, the AICCM Bulletin