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AICCM National Newsletter No 160 April 2023
Nicole Tse and Ellie Thomas

‘The Bench and Beyond’, AICCM Bulletin – Book and Paper Special Edition.

The year 2023 is a big one for AICCM as it celebrates its 50th anniversary. To mark this significant occasion, the AICCM Bulletin will be publishing a special volume, ‘Cultural materials conservation: Self, systems and society’, with guest editors Nicole Tse, Alice Cannon, Jennifer O’Connell and MaryJo Lelyveld. Looking towards 2024, the focus will shift across the Tasman with Tharron Bloomfield as guest editor along with Rosemary Coppell, Erina McCann and Catherine Smith for a special Aotearoa New Zealand volume, ‘Conservation in Aotearoa New Zealand, Whaowhia te kete mātauranga – Fill the basket with knowledge’. This volume will explore how Māori cultural values have indelibly shaped the conservation profession in Aotearoa New Zealand, creating conservation practices and ethics that are internationally unique.

With such a busy time ahead, it is fitting that the committee of the AICCM Bulletin has welcomed new editorial assistants Ann Fuata, Liam Holmes, Jessica Argall, Ellie Thomas, Vanessa Bray and Belinda Muir. Many thanks to the outgoing committee members Fiona Bremner Nugo and Margy Noble for their time and efforts.

Lastly, congratulations to all involved in the just-published AICCM Bulletin – Book and Paper Special Edition – ‘The Bench and Beyond’, and to guest editors Analiese Treacy, Jennifer Todd and Caitlin Knight (see image). Covering a wide range of topics from metallic memorandum books and commercial 21st century bindings in Australia to Iltja Ntjarra artists and the making of contemporary lumen prints, the seven papers are accessible online for AICCM members via their membership log ins until the print copies arrive on doorsteps. Congratulations to authors Alice Cannon, Cancy Chu and Caitlin Knight, Camille Fitzmaurice and Freya O’Connor, Dana Kahabka, Analiese Treacy and Jonathan Dennis, Kate Hughes and Steven Bell, and Andrea Wise and Fiona Kemp. Readers, we encourage you to circulate papers via social media (just select the social media tag attached to each online paper) and, authors, please share your 50 free downloads link via your personal web pages. Sharing your work this way means more people will know about your important research and projects, and can lead to new things (and, as an aside, readership also helps with citations and the AICCM Bulletin in the long run, and with its scholarly impact). Lastly, we look forward to an upcoming volume based on previous papers presented at APTCCARN (Asia Pacific Tropical Climate Conservation Art Research Network).


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Nicole Tse (AICCM Bulletin Chief Editor) and Ellie Thomas (AICCM Bulletin Editorial Assistant Committee Member)