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Kristel Smits Fine Arts Pty Ltd

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0415 773 494

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Kristel Smits Fine Arts offers a broad range of restoration and conservation experience, spanning 20 years, in the following areas:
- Traditional and historical paintings and contemporary artworks
- Artworks of sentimental value and historically or culturally significant art and artefacts
- Paintings in oil, acrylic and enamel paints on various types of supports such as canvas, wood and board
- Aboriginal paintings and painted artefacts made of wood, bark and plant fibres, as well as those made of contemporary found materials
- Various types of painted artefacts from the Pacific region made of plant and animal based materials.

A short summary of the Business' services

Kristel Smits Fine Arts is a Katoomba based practice specialized in restoration of paintings and painted objects. Highly qualified and with 20 years experience, all work is carried out to a museum standard, with great attention to detail and using archival materials. Work can be undertaken in the studio or on-site, depending on the size of the artwork and the scale of the project. No job is too big or too small.

Other conservation services- Please specify

- Free quotes
- Documentation of artworks prior to loan, interstate travel or long term storage
- Full conservation and restoration treatments on the materials specified above
- Stabilization treatments that focus on the stability of the artwork and involve minimal treatment
- Preventive treatments that focus on preserving your artwork before damage occurs
- Packing artworks for safe storage or transport
- Creating a detailed inventory/assessment of your artwork collection
- Insect eradication and frame conservation treatments can be arranged for you using external contractors at no additional charge to you.

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Paintings, Objects, Environmental monitoring, Education & Training, Preservation needs assessment plans and surveys, Technical analysis and examination, Disaster preparedness mitigation and risk assessments, Conservation documentation, Storage rehousing mounting framing and exhibition prep, Integrated pest management, Collection management

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Painting restoration and conservation, conservation of some painted objects, preventive conservation and condition assessments.