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Victorian Division Update

Vic Division started the year in celebratory mode with drinks to coincide with the Wolbers course being held at Museums Victoria in January. The new committee then met for a half day planning session on Saturday 17th February.
Circular Quay, Sydney, 1940s, "HMS 'Formidable' berthed at Circular Quay", dated: c.1945, NSW State Archives

NSW Division Update

New South Wales NSW Division claims it is still recovering from National Conference last year and is wondering how long this excuse will wash.

Easy-to-build roll racks

We recently had the need to reconfigure our material roll rack storage. The rack we had been using was an awkwardly shaped metal one with legs that proatruded too far forward.

Conservation of an 18th century fan full of surprises

The conservation of fans is challenging, having to take into account the variety and fragility of the materials used, and also the shape, volume and interconnection of the different parts.

From fabrication to conservation: Unlocking cultural and industrial heritage collections at the Perth Mint

Claire Rowson, as a numismatic engraver at the Perth Mint, explores many aspects of numismatic creation and conservation in her role. The main topic of her address at the WA Shipwrecks Museum on November 30 was die-making innovation and the consequences of this.

Report from the IIC-Palace Museum 2017 Hong Kong Symposium

From the 24th to the 26th of November 2017, I had the exciting opportunity to attend the IIC-Palace Museum 2017 Hong Kong Symposium, held in the Chiang Chen Studio Theatre at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom Kowloon. The theme for this symposium was “Unroll and unfold.

Course Review: Inpainting and Loss Compensation on Paper

From 18th to 20th December 2017 I attended a workshop in Barcelona on loss compensation and retouching. The workshop was aimed at paper conservators working in private practice and was mostly hands on.
Grimwade Centre in action, image courtesy Student Conservators @ Melbourne, 2016

Activity at the Grimwade Centre, the University of Melbourne

  Sustainable conservation: a pilot program for regional NSW and emerging conservators, AICCM and Bathurst Regional Council