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Students and graduates from The Grimwade Centre at the Bathurst Heritage Trades Trail, 18–19 May 2019

Back to Bathurst

We’ve all got them. A box full of photographs waiting to be pulled out and rehoused on a rainy day; personal treasures wrapped in tissue at the back of a drawer.

University Update—Student Conservators @ Melbourne

AGM Back in March we kicked off the new student year with our AGM. It was a great chance for students from the different cohorts to meet and mingle (and grab some sage advice), and after a round or two and the usual formalities, our new committee was elected.

President's Report—June 2019

The Committee addressed the concerns raised in the AICCM submission, such as the impact of efficiency dividends on cultural institutions. It was found that the efficiency dividend and targeting has resulted in cultural institutions struggling to complete core business in addition to growing their...

Conference Report for How and Why: Photograph Conservation Today

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to attend the conference How and Why: Photograph Conservation Today. I was very generously supported to attend by the Association of Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Societies (ADFAS) Patricia Robertson Fund, having been awarded the 2018 Mid-career

In Memoriam: Sandra Cockburn

Sandra (Sandy) Cockburn, Melbourne-based conservation framer and frame conservator, passed away suddenly on 28 April. Sandra worked at the National Gallery of Victoria from 1991 to 1994 where she held an Art Foundation of Victoria position to expand her skills in museum framing and frame...

Michelle Berry at Mawson's Huts, photograph by David Killick

Meet a Conservator—Michelle Berry

It was a bit of complicated road but when I was very young I discovered a book in the library on ancient Egypt and was fascinated by it. I think I was the only person who ever borrowed it but I decided from that moment that I wanted to be an Egyptologist or archaeologist.

AICCM Bulletin Update

AICCM Bulletin is accessible to readers via online-only sales packages with institutions and as part of our Social Sciences and Humanities Library and our Sport, Leisure and Tourism subject collection. As of 2017, all university libraries in Australia and New Zealand have access to the entire...

Update from The University of Canberra

The University of Canberra has been busy in the past couple of months with Semester 1 in full swing, some highlights of which include:

2019 AICCM Awards

We all know someone amazing in conservation—now is your chance to celebrate that person's talents and contributions by nominating them for an award. This year AICCM will be accepting nominations for the following six awards:

Sustainable Collections Committee Update

In the December 2017 edition of the AICCM Newsletter, the Sustainable Collections Committee (SCC) set out the aims and tasks of the (then) recently formed group.