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Workshop review: Towards a Flexible Future: Managing Time-Based Media Artworks in Collections

In June 2019, the Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW) hosted a four-day intensive workshop to examine in detail the management of time-based media artworks in collections.

Ian MacLeod conducting in-situ measurements for the Japanese Institute for Anatolian Archaeology. Photo by Alice Paterakis

Report on field work by Dr Ian MacLeod

As Europe sweltered, the Kaman-based Japanese Institute for Anatolian Archaeology breathed a collective sigh of delight with temperatures in the high 20s rather than the high 30s, which made work in the field and in the un-conditioned conservation laboratories very pleasant.

Student Conservators @ Melbourne internships update

As part of the curriculum at the University of Melbourne’s Masters of Cultural Materials Conservation course, students are required to go out into the world and obtain work experience at heritage institutions across Australia.

Culturally Appropriate Deceased Estate Storage: Warmun Art Centre

Since starting my studies at the Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation, I have been inspired by the partnership between Warmun Art Centre in the East Kimberley and the Grimwade Centre. This partnership began with flood relief in 2011.

Update from The University of Canberra

When the lab manager is away, the paper conservators come out to play. As Canberra plods through the depths of winter, the Heritage Lab was a hive of activity during the university’s semester break.

AICCM Victorian Division News

The Victorian Division has been a little quiet on the event front recently, but that is because we are full swing into organising the 2019 National Conference. And we are excited about it!

Celebrating ADFAS support of AICCM and the conservation community

The AICCM community has held a number of events for ADFAS members recognising their generous support of discrete preservation projects such as the hanging of the John Coburn theatre curtains at Sydney Opera House, and for their ongoing suppo

Sustainable Collections Committee—Wiki Update

The AICCM Sustainable Collections wiki will be up and ‘running’ by late September 2019 —although less running and more a ‘wiki-in-waiting’ until we complete the necessary upgrade to our website.

Environmental Guidelines for loans – finding a way forward

Despite this evolution in thinking about environmental guidelines, the ghost of ‘ideal conditions’ particularly 50% or 55% RH, remains implicitly if not explicitly in loan conditions, environmental targets, and policy.