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FRAME: Concept, History and Conservation, Symposium 2

It has to be a uniquely Australian experience to find oneself bush-bashing at midnight through subtropical rainforest with a single iPhone torch to light the way.

Unframing the Frame: Painting Conservation Student Reflection on FRAME

In April, the Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW) Australia hosted FRAME: Concept, History and Conservation, Symposium 2, marking the second symposium organised by the AICCM Gilded Objects Conservation (GOCSIG) and Conservation Framing Special Interest Groups on this topic.

Conference Report for How and Why: Photograph Conservation Today

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to attend the conference How and Why: Photograph Conservation Today. I was very generously supported to attend by the Association of Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Societies (ADFAS) Patricia Robertson Fund, having been awarded the 2018 Mid-career

Managing Risks to Collections—Student Perspectives

As a student and graduate, it can be difficult to find spare time and funding to attend conferences locally, interstate or overseas. As a recent graduate of the Masters of Cultural Materials Conservation, I was extremely fortunate to be one of the recipients of a student bursary provided by AICCM...

Reflections on IIC Turin — September 2018

In September, some 18 Australian conservators took the 30+ hour trip to travel to Turin. The attraction?

Review: Fluid Preservation Conservation Course

In November 2019, Transmitting Science held a weeklong course on Fluid Preservation Conservation in Sabadell, Spain. The course was taught by Dr. Simon Moore and John Simmons and covered a basic introduction into fluid preservation to more detailed presentations on preservation issues for fluid-...

10th AICCM, Book, Paper and Photographic Materials Symposium

Held at Melbourne Museum, 20–23 November 2018, the AICCM Book and Paper and Photographic Materials Symposium brought together conservators from Australia and overseas to engage in talks and workshops about changes, challenges and innovations in conservation.

Workshop review: Digital Print Preservation workshop with Daniel Burge

Keeping up with new materials and modern printmaking processes is one of the big challenges in paper and photo conservation and I have always found it difficult to keep ‘digital’ printing methods straight—everything I learn tends to fall out of my head again.

Conference Highlights: Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections

In 2018 the annual Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections (SPNHC) conference was held in Dunedin New Zealand/Aotearoa from 23 August till 31 August. This was the first time the conference was held in the southern hemisphere.

IIC-ITCC Scientific Analysis of Paper and Photographic Materials Workshop

Scientific Analysis of Paper and Photographic Materials WorkshopThe Palace Museum, Beijing22 October – 2 November 2018