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President's Report—December 2019

What is a viable and relevant collections profession, long term? Who are the future generations for whom we are preserving the collections? What is AICCM’s role in the future (2070)?

Meet a Conservator—Amy Bartlett

What first attracted you to a career in conservation? How did you get started?

Conference delegates on day one of the 2019 AICCM National Conference

Conference Musings

When our graceful president, Jennifer O’Connell, opened the AICCM National Conference, she asked us to keep an open mind during the talks. I’m glad she did because what followed were three days of some pretty eye-opening and challenging ideas.

Surface Treatment Strategies for Outdoor Painted Sculpture at the Getty Conservation Institute

In February 2018, I flew out of Sydney towards Los Angeles. I was heading for the Hollywood Hills to attend a week-long workshop on the Surface Treatment Strategies for Outdoor Painted Sculpture at the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI).

AICCM VIC Division—the organisers of the 2019 National Conference—announcing the location of the 2021 conference...

AICCM National Conference Review — Stephanie Baily

The AICCM National Conference, Making Conservation, was held in Melbourne from 13 to 15 November. I’d like to thank the organising committee for their hard work, which resulted in three days of excellent presentations and conversations (and some extraordinarily good food).

Matthew Butler presenting the keynote for day three: Making Conservation Innovative

AICCM National Conference 2019: Making Conservation

I was excited to attend the 2019 AICCM National Conference entitled Making Conservation held on 13–15 November at the Pavilion of the Arts Centre Melbourne, and I am happy to say that the excitement was apt.

AICCM National Conference - Sponsored Students Review

The AICCM National Conference was held at the Arts Centre Melbourne from 13 to 15 November 2019.

AICCM National Conference Review - Natalie Ison

Fuelled by caffeine and fresh off the overnight bus, I made my way from Southern Cross Station to the 8th floor of the Melbourne Arts Centre, all red plush carpet and polished brass rails.