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AICCM Membership Survey Results

Last year, AICCM National Council invited members, lapsed members and non-members to participate in a Membership Survey. The purpose was to give membership a chance to voice their opinions on the direction of the AICCM.

President's Report—June 2017

One of the key take-ways for me was a reminder to build our vision of the future heritage into the broader ‘tidal wave of change’ and that each interaction we have with a client, a colleague, a new acquaintance at a BBQ, is an opportunity to advocate for that vision

People and Places—June 2017

Preservation staff are settling in very nicely to their new conservation lab at the National Archives Preservation Facility (NAPF), the new Archives repository in Canberra. Particularly favoured are the custom-made tilting benches (with electronic controls) and the huge stainless steel sink.

Layered Decisions: A Pith Painting Treatment

From February to March of 2017, six pith paper paintings were treated at the University of Melbourne’s Grimwade Centre for Cultural Conservation.

Technical note: Feather ‘fill’ for damaged feathers on a headdress

Treating damaged feathered can be tricky due to their structure, colour and shape. Recently I had the opportunity to trial using painted acrylic sheeting as a fill to minimise the appearance of damaged feathers on a Dhari headdress.

Review of the 5th APTCCARN Forum—Natural Disasters and Cultural Heritage in the Philippines: Knowledge Sharing, Decision Making and Conservation

In April this year, the 5th Asia Pacific Tropical Climate Conservation Art Research Network (APTCCARN) Forum was held in Bohol, Philippines, co-hosted by the National Museum of the Philippines, the Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation and SEAMEO Regional Centre for Archaeology and...

Objects Special Interest Group News

Activities of the Objects Special Interest Group are always as varied as the interests of the members themselves. Recently, objects conservators came together with the Electron SIG for a joint symposium, The Shock of the New.

Gilded Objects Conservation Special Interest Group News

Since the beginning of this year the Gilded Objects Conservation Special Interest Group and the Conservation Framers Special Interest Group Convenors have been preparing for the next Frame Symposium, which will take place in Sydney in 2019 (possibly October).

Conservation Framers Special Interest Group News

Following on our very successful combined GOCSIG and CFSIG symposium, AICCM - FRAME: Concept, History and Conservation, Melbourne 2016, held at the National Gallery of Victoria International, Louise Bradley and Barbara Dabrowa have begun early planning...

AICCM website tips

The AICCM website has a range of helpful information for both members of the public seeking information about conservation and AICCM members looking for professional conservation resources.