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Meet a Conservator: Lisa Nolan

I worked for two weeks with Sue Bassett, former Senior Conservator and Sandra Yee, locally trained conservator preparing the NATSIAA awards. I was fortunate to be accepted as the first qualified paintings conservator at MAGNT and moved from Melbourne to the pre-monsoon storm season in Darwin known...

Rosie Cook presenting at The Shock of the New. Photograph by Helen Privett.

The Shock of the New—Symposium Review

The AICCM Objects and Electron Special Interest Groups presented their joint symposium “The Shock of the New: Modern Materials, Media and Methods” on the 8th, 9th and 10th of February, and given the location at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne, it was a

President's Report—March 2017

In late February, the National Council held its Face-to-Face planning session at Museum Victoria. This meeting, held over a Friday and Saturday, is always a stimulating, enlightening, tiring and gratifying affair.

People and Places—March 2017

ACT National Library of Australia Treatment projects The team has been enthusiastically sharing the skills knowledge gained from the conference and applying it to collection material – for example repairing glass plate negatives and fibre analysis.

Plastic Fantastic in the Archives! An investigation into the plastic used in 1930s leather-bound enclosures.

This is an edited version of a lightning talk presented at the New Zealand Conservators of Cultural Materials conference, Wellington 17-19 October 2016.

A summary of ultra-violet fluorescent materials relevant to Conservation

This summary was produced to assist Museum Victoria’s Conservation team to interpret results of ultra-violet (UV) light examination.

Carrick Hill, Springfield, South Australia.

A Golden Sponge: Internship life in South Australia

Shandong Province and South Australia have been sister provinces since 3 April 1986. With the ever-growing friendship between the two provinces, institutional cooperative relationships in a wide range of fields have been established.

Detail from 'We Can Do It' poster by J. Howard Miller.

On advocacy

My entire professional career has existed within the era of the Commonwealth ‘efficiency dividends’, which were reported on in the last AICCM eNews.

Chinese folk textiles—Image by Natasha Trenear

Conservation of Chinese Folk Textiles at the Western Australian Museum

The Materials Conservation Department at the Western Australian Museum (WAM) recently conserved and analysed artefacts collected in the 1890s by Australian missionary George Herbert Jose, while he was working in the Zhejiang province, China.

Professor John Mulvaney, image courtesy of ANU.

Professor John Mulvaney—a belated farewell

Professor John Mulvaney died in September of last year. Often referred to as the “father of Australian archaeology”, many may not be aware that he also played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Australian conservation profession.