This award recognises an AICCM member or institutional member who has contributed to the profession either over the long term or a single project by active involvement in delivering conservation seminars, workshops and other educational/learning opportunities; mentoring of other conservators; promotion of conservators and/or conservation within and beyond the profession by working with allied professions and the public.

2021 – Jennifer O’Connell

This award recognises Jennifer’s contributions to the conservation profession both through her activities as National President, and her commitment to advocacy, sustainability, collaboration and resource sharing. For three years she served as the President, bringing new ideas and actively expanding AICCM’s advocacy reach through preparing submissions and statements on issues such as the destruction of the Pilbara Caves in WA and the effects of COVID-19 on the arts community just to name a few. Under her leadership, AICCM had a forward focus with planning and sustainable practices at the forefront. She also contributed to multiple publications, and supported collaborations that led to events such as the Bathurst Conservation Project delivered by the University of Melbourne’s Grimwade Centre for Conservation.

Jennifer’s dedication and tireless work has improved the AICCM as a professional organisation, and as a direct result the entire conservation community in Australia.

Past recipients

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