Ian Cook

With a contribution to conservation sustained over a lifetime AICCM is honoured to award the 2016 Hall of Fame award to Ian Cook. Appointed by the National Library of Australia to train as its first conservator in 1965, Ian was the very first conservator employed by the Commonwealth Government, commencing work at the NLA in 1969. In 1985, Ian left the NLA to join the State Conservation Centre in SA, and became the inaugural director of Artlab Australia, a position that he held for 19 years. A key figure in establishing AICCM and a member of the team that fought for the introduction of the materials conservation course at the Canberra College of Advanced Education. Ian has been influential at the highest levels in government and international organisations. Foundation chair of AusHeritage Ltd, a government initiated program to export the Australian heritage industry, Ian was also a founding member of the Heritage Collections Working Group, later the Heritage Collections Council. In 2009 Ian became a Salzburg Global Fellow.

Ian’s achievements as a leader in the field and an advocate for the profession are  significant. Ian has worked tirelessly to promote conservation within government, public and private commercial organisations as well as in the education system at all tiers and has supported and made opportunities for fellow conservators throughout his career. He continues to teach through workshops in Asia and brings the message of the high standards in conservation in Australia to new audiences.