Tamara Lavrencic

Tamara has been an outstanding and reliable supporter of AICCM for over 20 years. She has contributed an enormous amount of her time to serving the organisation and has twice served terms as the National President as well as in other positions on the Queensland and National Committees.

Her engagement and commitment to AICCM has been vital at crucial times such as during the formation of the Museums Australia and the debate as the whether AICCM should become part of that larger organisation.

Marcelle Scott

Marcelle has been a long-term member of the AICCM and is a Professional Member. She has taken on senior roles within the organisation, in particular as National President and more recently as Editor of the Bulletin (Vol 29-33).

Marcelle has had a long career involving working at the Australian Museum, Museum of Victoria as well as working for Museums NSW.  At Museums NSW she worked with regional museums sometimes in remote areas where she would be the only contact that museum volunteers had with the conservation profession. That type of work requires independence and improvisation with limited resources beyond the experience of most city based conservators.

Marcelle Scott has made a significant contribution to the advancement of conservation as a profession in Australia, and has contributed to raising the academic standing of conservation as a discipline internationally. In this respect, we wish to highlight Marcelle’s pivotal contribution to the development of the conservation training programs at The University of Melbourne.