Anne Cummins, Sydney Artefacts Conservation


Phone: 02 8096 7584

State: NSW

Conservation treatments and services offered: Objects, Outdoor cultural material and built heritage, Preservation needs assessment plans and surveys, Technical analysis and examination, Conservation documentation, Integrated pest management, Collection management

About me

About the business

Sydney Artefacts Conservation provides consultancy services to advise organisations on heritage conservation issues. Our specialist services include: • Conservation treatments on metallic, glass, ceramic, plaster, timber and stone-based objects such as sculptures, war memorials, fountains, archaeological, industrial and architectural items. • Advice on care and maintenance of collections housed both indoors and outdoors. • Provision of workshops to staff members on preventive conservation and basic maintenance techniques and use of archival materials. • Preparation of conservation management plans. • Collection assessments and surveys. • Preparation of tender briefs with specifications for conservation treatments. • Project management of multi-disciplinary teams on heritage conservation projects, including supervision and sign-off on project milestones.

Other conservation services

Conservation of three-dimensional objects Preventative conservation Condition reports Treatments Collection surveys Collection management Training workshops Specialists in contemporary art