The AICCM “Closed by COVID-19” guide is available from our Disaster Response page

We would like to update you on the actions that the AICCM is taking in response to the current pandemic. We’re also looking for ways to support our members, please let us know if you have ideas of how we could best do this.

We are continuing to engage our contractors Michelle (Secretariat), Hilary (our book keeper) and Zora (our web & social media expert) at their standard hours. Time relating to activities that are currently on hold will be transferred to building a better online connection with members.

We have initiated the following:
  • AICCM National Executive is undertaking budget modelling for different economic scenarios over the next 18 – 24 months to assist with decision making and planning
  • We are looking into upgrading the AICCM Zoom account to allow for more hosts
  • Zora is sharing information on social media regarding conservation suppliers – please contact Zora at if you would like to be featured
  • Extend free job postings to employers to 30 June 2020
  • Launch AICCM webinars – Introducing a platform for AICCM webinars has been on our to-do list for a long time; we’re going to prioritise this so we can help connect our members during periods of social distancing and isolation. So start thinking of what kinds of webinars you’d either like to watch or to present!
  • Circulate questions, requests for assistance, and links to useful resources via social media, the web and the AICCM member email – please forward these to Michelle at
  • Two of our members have offered to create a flyer: Has your heritage collection been closed by COVID-19? Please contact Michelle at if you would like to contribute.
The following activities will continue:
  • Advocacy – AICCM National Council with NSW State Div is currently working on submissions to two different government enquiries (both NSW based)
  • Calls for papers for the AICCM Bulletin
  • Publication of the AICCM Bulletin
  • Calls for papers for symposia / conferences
  • National Council teleconferences
  • Website upgrade – launch is due in May 2020
  • Strategic Planning – National Council is working on the Strategic Plan and Business Plan for 2021 – 2025
Activities that have changed:
  • The annual Face to Face meeting of National Council will change to a teleconference
  • Events planning will continue (you may have seen recent calls for papers) with the expectation of planning virtual conferences only at this stage
  • State Division & SIG meetings will be virtual at this stage – Facebook groups and Zoom teleconference facilities are available
  • BSA / AICCM May Day events are being reconsidered – it is our hope that with format changes they can still go ahead
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