Member projects

Conservators work on a variety of projects, including the treatment of individual objects, the preservation of entire collections, collection management issues, education and in-situ preservation of historic sites.

Conservation is a time-intensive occupation so large institutional projects can last several years and require extensive research and testing phases prior to carrying out treatments and remedial interventions. Many also require significant funding which has to be raised to support the project. 

View some of the work conservators do in the galleries below and see the results of conservation treatments and repairs.

Indigenous projects

Working on projects where the principles of Reconciliation are actioned is a rewarding process for a conservator.

The Centre for Cultural Material Conservation (CCMC) and Museum Victoria have recently done significant work in this area. 

  • Warmun Art Collection - this article is an update on the collaborative project with the Warmun Art Centre, CCMC and International Art Services.

Museum Victoria has recently participated in two indigenous projects with AICCM conservators playing significant roles:

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