Contributions to the 5th AICCM Book, Paper and Photographic Materials Symposium. Editors: Prue McKay and Alana Treasure. Canberra, ACT: AICCM (Inc.), 2008.


The practice of standard framing in art galleries and museums does not always allow for the individual qualities of an artwork and the decisions an artist may have made about how their work is to be presented. Information about framing styles from past eras and the history of particular artworks and their display can be lost if old frames and mounts are not retained. Using a number of case studies this presentation will look at some of the decisions made at the Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW) regarding the framing of different works on paper and will discuss some of the issues considered in making such decisions. Documentation of these decisions is important to record the presentation history of the works and to provide future staff members with as much information as possible to inform the decisions they will make.

Download Works on paper and their frames: Research, collaboration and documentation [Adobe Acrobat PDF – 2.51 MB]

5th Book, Paper & Photograph Symposium, 2008
Paper author:
Murphy, Carolyn