Contemporary Collections: Preprints from the AICCM National Conference 17th g 19th October 2007 Brisbane pp. 160-168


The Foreign Ethnology store for the South Australian Museum moved location some years ago and is presently situated off-site in a non purpose built store. It contains many thousands of objects from diverse cultures. The objects within the store are constructed from a huge variety of material types and their preservation needs are extremely varied. The storage methods and materials used throughout have not been upgraded for many years and are in dire need of improvement. The Object and Textile conservation staff at Artlab Australia were asked to assist with improving storage of the collection. A survey was developed to identify the risks both within the store and to collection material to enable the greatest risks to be identified so that priorities for remedial action could be determined.

2007 AICCM National Conference, Brisbane
Paper author:
Ryan, Renita; Phillips, Kristin