Contributions to the AICCM National Conference 2013, Adelaide 23-25 October


The National Library of Australia’s recent Centenary Exhibition included a framed silk lithograph from a private lender. On arrival at the National Library concerns were raised and the frame was opened for examination. What was discovered was a silk in need of urgent treatment. Immediate discussions were held on whether the National Library should treat a privately owned item with such a limited time frame. The course of treatment also caused some debate as to whether to treat the object as a whole, frame and silk, or treat them as separate items. A treatment plan was submitted and accepted by the owner as well as the National Library team; it was successfully carried out and was a star showing in the exhibition.


Silk lithograph, Marion Mahoney Griffin, Lining, artist intent

AICCM National Conference 2013
Paper author:
Victoria Gill and Alexa McNaught-Reynolds