AICCM Symposium 2006, Conservation of Paper, Books and Photographic Materials. Post-prints and Posters. 19-21 April 2006, Wellington, New Zealand. p137-146


In late 2004 the Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation, the University of Melbourne, began remounting approximately 2,000 prints and drawings held in the Baillieu Library, The University of Melbourne. Conservator Louise Wilson and technical assistant Louise Bradley decided to record watermarks found in the papers. Several methods of recording watermark images were considered, including beta-radiography and Dylux” imaging papers, but the decision was made to use digital photography. Images are recorded using a Nikon D70 digital camera with manipulation in Photoshop to clarify the images. It is hoped that the watermark images will be a useful addition to international watermark archives, especially the archives of watermarks found in the papers used by Albrecht Drer and Rembrandt.

4th Book, Paper & Photographs Symposium, 2006
Paper author:
Louise Bradley