Contributions to the 5th AICCM Book, Paper and Photographic Materials Symposium. Editors: Prue McKay and Alana Treasure. Canberra, ACT: AICCM (Inc.), 2008.

Full title: Stabilising Montien Boonma’s Trio & Flattening Dong Wei’s Snapshot: two case studies involving collaboration and adaptation


Rarely does a paper conservator work in isolation. Treating and displaying artworks within a gallery context is always a collaborative effort. This presentation will discuss treatments undertaken to address inherent instabilities within two iconic art works from the Contemporary Asian Collection at Queensland Art Gallery_Gallery of Modern Art. Montien Boonma’s triptych called Trio consists of coloured mud drawings applied to paper sheets pre-adhered to three separate Masonite panels. The treatment involved stabilising regions of weakness and replicating the surface texture in areas of loss. Strainers were designed to prevent deformation of each panel by bonding them to a rigid support. Dong Wei’s Snapshot is a watercolour lined onto hand made paper with silk borders that had undergone shrinkage along its length producing large distracting undulations across the image area. The treatment involved strip-lining and tension-drying the work over a modified strainer. This paper explores our decision-making process including display considerations for each of these case studies. The treatment of each work illustrates the involvement from several disciplines within the field of conservation to successfully resolve their respective issues; a synergy of applications and techniques were adapted from both painting conservation practices and scroll mounting traditions.

5th Book, Paper & Photograph Symposium, 2008
Paper author:
Shellard, Samantha