Contributions to the AICCM National Conference 2013, Adelaide 23-25 October


The South East Asia Pacific Audio Video Archives Association (SEAPAVAA) aims to provide a regional voice for audiovisual collections and enable a forum to address some common issues and concerns related to the collection, preservation and access to the audiovisual materials for South East Asia and the Pacific regions, including Australia and New Zealand. The National Film and Sound Archive has been a very active member of SEAPAVAA since its formation helping to shape the association’s objectives and has also supported SEAPAVAA’s work through a wide range of specific projects.

However far from being a one sided relationship the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA) has benefitted from the exposure to the unique local solutions that archives and collecting organisations have developed in response to the harsh environments and low levels of resourcing available. Knowledge gained over the years of collaboration has been refined and applied to enable better understanding and systems for preserving NFSA’s audiovisual collection and disseminated to the audiovisual archiving community globally.


Audiovisual, South East Asia, Pacific, preservation, training, collaboration

AICCM National Conference 2013
Paper author:
Shingo Ishikawa and Mick Newnham