Contributions to the 6th AICCM Book, Paper & Photographic Materials Symposium. 17-19th November 2010, Melbourne. p94

Poster Abstract

In a time where Conservators are increasingly looking for new, convenient, practical, affordable and innovative ways of examining objects, this poster examines the potential use of digital handheld microscopes for the examination of artworks. These small, portable devices come with a range of useful applications including:

  • Polarized Light
  • UV Light
  • 200-500 times magnification

Currently developed for use in industries including: mining, geology and materials science conservators at the Art Gallery of New South Wales have found applications for these tools in the examination of: works on paper, photographs, paintings, frames, objects and textiles. Easily attached to a laptop/computer, these devices are useful in instances where more advanced analytical equipment is not available (i.e. offsite/fieldwork etc). The poster will look at the pros and cons of examining materials with these tools taking the following factors into consideration:

  • Practicality
  • Capability
  • Adaptability
  • Usability


6th Book, Paper and Photographs Symposium, 2010
Paper author:
Analiese Treacy