Collaboration and Connections: Postprints of the AICCM Paper, Books and Photographic Materials Special Interest Group Symposium, Sydney 1-3 April 2004, pp. 111-114


Digital technology now facilitates not only the artist and printmaker but also the home office to produce images on paper. Such diversity produces a broad range in the quality and stability of papers and inks in the marketplace and their permanence is therefore suspect. Traditional conservation mounting techniques are proving problematic with some papers. Mounting down these works to a substrate is commonplace in the framing industry. The desire to present works completely flat is particularly prevalent for the much larger works, which are now achievable with digital printing. It is planned to discuss conservation issues with regard to the  adhesives, substrates and framing materials being used and what impact these will have on the integrity and longevity of this new medium.

3rd Book, Paper and Photographs Symposium, 2004
Paper author:
Anderson, June