Contributions to the 6th AICCM Book, Paper & Photographic Materials Symposium. 17-19th November 2010, Melbourne. p15-21


From 1870g1920 adhesives for use with paper were either commercial preparations or made by hand in homes, studios and offices. For this research, recipes and commercial products in use in Australia during 1870-1920 were identified. However, the limited number of recipes discovered precludes any firm conclusions regarding the likely composition of unknown adhesives from this period. There is also little available information about Australian commercial products, such as Clag or Angus & Co Mucilage. It is likely that Australian usage trends mirrored those of England and America quite closely, as recipes published in international trade and amateur journals were available in Australia within months of publication. Additionally, commercial adhesives were shipped to Australia and sold by local businesses, such as those produced by the Russia Cement Company, the Leadenhall Press, the Gloy Manufacturing Company and Chas. M Higgins & Co. This paper presents the formulations and products known to be in use and the implications of these findings for the practicing paper conservator.

6th Book, Paper and Photographs Symposium, 2010
Paper author:
Alice Cannon