AICCM National Newsletter No 146 June 2019

Monday, June 10, 2019

Articles in this newsletter

Colin Macgregor Retires

After 30 years at the Australian Museum, Colin Macgregor has decided to make use of his Long Service Leave before retiring from the institution. Colin’s last day was 3 May.

Making Ghosts: TMAG Military Uniform Project

As a first-year conservation student, I was unprepared for the moment I found myself wondering whether being haunted was a potential occupational hazard. I had just hung a heavy WWII frockcoat on a hanger covered by a custom-made Ethafoam bust, and stepped back to assess its fit.

FRAME: Concept, History and Conservation, Symposium 2

It has to be a uniquely Australian experience to find oneself bush-bashing at midnight through subtropical rainforest with a single iPhone torch to light the way.

Unframing the Frame: Painting Conservation Student Reflection on FRAME

In April, the Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW) Australia hosted FRAME: Concept, History and Conservation, Symposium 2, marking the second symposium organised by the AICCM Gilded Objects Conservation (GOCSIG) and Conservation Framing Special Interest Groups on this topic.