After completing post graduate qualifications in Brisbane, Gerard worked in private industry, state and the Australian Governments. In this time he completed a Masters, more post graduate qualifications and served in the Australian Army. Gerard has developed into a subject matter expert on British Army Military saddlery and harness, exactly the same patterns as to what Australia used from the First fleet to World War One. As an independent researcher at the Australian War Memorial (AWM) he investigated this topic intricately and has started drafting a book on the topic. This investigation included producing patterns to resurrect lost examples of saddlery and harness used during Colonial Australia.

Besides providing advice to AWM on the National Collection, Gerard has conserved and restored saddlery and harness at South Australia’s RM Williams museum and the Keswick Barracks Army museum, the Casino Drill Hall museum in New South Wales, a six horse gun team for the 100 years ANZAC centenary in the Australian Capital Territory and a six horse gun team for the Australian Army Artillery museum in Puckapunyal Victoria.

After leaving the Australian Government, Gerard undertook post graduate studies in the Conservation of Heritage Materials at Canberra University. This was to further develop his expertise in Military saddlery and harness. The flexibility of that course and with the generous help from his teachers, permitted Gerard to specialise and improve his knowledge on conserving Military Saddlery and Harness.

Gerard Hogan