This award, inaugurated in 1995, recognises and rewards individuals whose extraordinary efforts have directly contributed to the raising of standards in their workplace or within their conservation field. It is also awarded to people who have worked to promote the profession of conservation and its activities to the wider community and who have encouraged membership of the AICCM.

2018 Conservator of the Year

Kelly Leahey

Kelly is a paper conservator at the State Library of Queensland and has been involved in two major projects this year.

The first being the production of a Care for Collections video series. This series was aimed at equipping Queenslanders with a knowledge of preserving their ANZAC stories. Since the video series release in early 2018, SLQ have received wide spread positive response from colleagues, clients and cultural organisations. The videos are a fantastic resource and through promotion on social media will no doubt be shared and re-shared well into the future.

The second being the development of cyanotype (blueprint) workshops to engage the public in alternative and historic photographic materials and techniques. Over 400 people have now attended these workshops, provided free to the public, and future workshops are scheduled.

Katie Wood (Membership Services Officer, AICCM) presenting the Conservator of the Year award to Kelly Leahey

2017 Conservator of the Year

Helen Privett

Helen is an objects conservator and AICCM member of many years standing. She has been the AICCM Event and SIG Coordinator since 2014. She has previously held other AICCM office-bearing positions, such as the President of the Victorian Division and the Objects SIG Convener. In her position has AICCM Event and SIG Coordinator, Helen has made an enormous contribution to the profession. Helen has mentored and assisted in the successful delivery of numerous AICCM events, including several SIG events in 2016 and this year’s National Conference. Her efforts have helped to raise the professional standing of AICCM both nationally and internationally. Her enthusiasm, good nature and powers of communication and project management have greatly aided the amazing achievements of AICCM special interest groups and State divisions in the last few years.
Helen’s work as AICCM Event and SIG Convener has helped to make the process of organizing events clearer, more efficient and more straightforward. She has done this by developing and/or updating documents and procedures such as the SIG Events Manual, maintaining SIG Event documentation in the shared SIG Conveners Dropbox folder, liaising with National Council about event proposals, and always being on the other end of the phone to provide advice to SIG Conveners about budget management, travel arrangements and other event logistics.

Past winners

  • 2016 - Nicole Tse
  • 2015 - Tess Evans
  • 2013 – Kristen Phillips
  • 2011 – Lydia Egunnike
  • 2010 – Deborah Lau
  • 2009 – Alexandra Ellen
  • 2008 – Alice Cannon
  • 2006 – Kim Morris
  • 2005 – Amanda Pagliarino
  • 2004 – Robyn Sloggett, Detlev Lueth and Angeletta Leggio
  • 2002 – Julian Bickersteth
  • 2001 – Jude Fraser
  • 2000 -  Not awarded in this year
  • 1999 – Malgorzata Sawicki
  • 1998 – Donna Midwinter
  • 1997 - Karen Coote
  • 1996 - Ian Cook
  • 1995 – Colin Pearson

As you can see, our records are incomplete. If you can help fill in the blanks we would love to hear from you.