AICCM Strategic Plan 2012 - 2015

At the August meeting of the National Council, the AICCM's Strategic Plan 2012 - 2015 was ratified. Please click here to download a copy of the plan. To comment on the strategic plan, please contact the National Secretary or the National President.


Conserving Australia’s cultural heritage


As the professional body for the conservation profession, to increase the influence and reach of the profession, supporting and building a strong conservation profession in Australia, recognised for its knowledge, skill, and ethical and flexible approaches.


  • To be the recognised voice for the conservation profession and to thus play a key role in the conservation of the nation’s cultural material
  • To act as an advocate for the conservation profession at all levels and in all spheres
  • To establish and uphold professional standards
  • To support training in the conservation field
  • To facilitate information sharing amongst conservators

Strategic priorities 2012 – 2015

Establish and Maintain Networks, including actively engaging in conservation education planning in order to:

  • Provide a greater breadth of information to members
  • Achieve greater engagement of members and between AICCM and other cultural heritage organisations – national and international
  • Improve AICCM's profile nationally and internationally

As the professional peak body:

  • Develop close relationships with tertiary conservation education providers
  • Develop strategic approaches to address identified skills gaps

Strategic plan 2012 - 2015  

Increase and engage membership to strengthen the organisation:

  • To 700 members in 3 years' time
  • Increase conference attendance
  • Increase SIG membership
  • To achieve higher participation in National Council, and competition for positions

Be an effective voice for the profession and assist in developing communication skills in order to:

  • Increase AICCM's profile at Federal and State government levels
  • Provide members with an effective communication exchange within AICCM and between AICCM and other organisations
  • Assist conservators in gaining confidence in communicating their work, through presenting and within their organisations
  • Promote AICCM as the first port of call for conservation information, amongst a broad stakeholder group

Maintain and grow Special Interest Groups and Working Groups

Special Interest Groups attract members to AICCM and their continuing success will:

  • Help to develop leadership skills at SIG level and strengthen the organisation
  • Attract international attendance at specialist meetings
  • Continue to provide specialist professional focus and encourage specialist training
  • Be effective tools for communication, professional cooperation and development

Improve AICCM's financial base through fundraising

An improved funding base will allow AICCM to further its other strategic goals

Our three year vision

In three year's time AICCM aims to:

  • Have a board to administer the public fund
  • Be making effective use of its deductible gift recipient status
  • Have HEART established and be planning for the next project that, like HEART, will raise funds, improve AICCM profile and help to deliver services to stakeholders
  • Have a paid Executive Officer