AICCM Bulletin – Book & Paper SIG Special Edition – ‘The Bench and Beyond’

AICCM Bulletin – Book & Paper SIG Special Edition – ‘The Bench and Beyond’


It has a been a time of rapid change in the conservation profession over the past 12 months. With COVID restrictions impacting institutions and businesses worldwide, the profession has had to adapt to changed working circumstances both rapidly and effectively. While these changes have been challenging, there have been some surprisingly positive outcomes allowing

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Australian Made – Virtual Forum


We are calling for contributions to Australian-made, the very first Paintings Special Interest Group Virtual Forum. We need your support to make this virtual forum dynamic, engaging and inspiring. This event is also a wonderful opportunity to reconnect after such an unpredictable and challenging time due to the pandemic. To give you extra time to

Australian Made – Virtual Forum2021-05-05T22:36:05+10:00

Outstanding Conservation Treatment of the Year


This new award recognises a conservator, or group of conservators who have undertaken a conservation treatment that has significantly contributed to the conservation field, nationally or internationally and promoted the profession of conservation and its activities to the wider community. 2020 - International Conservation Services (ICS) : Fremantle Prison Murals  In late 2019 a team

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Other AICCM Awards


2013 Outstanding Promotion of Conservators and Conservation (Institution award): National Museum of Australia The National Museum Australia has consistently recognised and valued the work of conservators by presenting exhibitions and public programs that showcase the important role of its conservation section. In the past year this has included: a special temporary exhibition, Museum Workshop:

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Outstanding Conservation Volunteer Award


This award recognises the unique skills brought by volunteers to the conservation of Australia’s cultural heritage and rewards volunteers who have made an outstanding contribution. The award encourages the two-way sharing of specialist skills between conservators and volunteers and acknowledges potential these relationships have to bridge identified skills gaps. 2020 - Margaret Birtley In March this year,

Outstanding Conservation Volunteer Award2021-03-22T18:19:25+11:00

The Colin Pearson Outstanding Research in the Field of Material Conservation Award


This award was sponsored by Professor Emeritus Colin Pearson to acknowledge an AICCM member or research team who has undertaken substantial research in the field of material conservation, and who has shared this information within the national and/or international material conservation profession via the AICCM Bulletin. 2019 - Gillian Osmond Gillian Osmond (centre) accepting

The Colin Pearson Outstanding Research in the Field of Material Conservation Award2020-12-29T11:39:03+11:00

Outstanding Service to the Conservation Profession


This award recognises an AICCM member or institutional member who has contributed to the profession either over the long term or a single project by active involvement in delivering conservation seminars, workshops and other educational/learning opportunities; mentoring of other conservators; promotion of conservators and/or conservation within and beyond the profession by working with allied

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AICCM Conservator of the Year


This award, inaugurated in 1995, recognises and rewards individuals whose extraordinary efforts have directly contributed to the raising of standards in their workplace or within their conservation field. It is also awarded to people who have worked to promote the profession of conservation and its activities to the wider community and who have encouraged

AICCM Conservator of the Year2020-08-02T18:43:08+10:00

Student Conservator of the Year


2020 Student Conservator of the Year University of Canberra – Clare Kirk   Through this difficult year Clare stood out due to her commitment to the profession and her ability to seek out advice from professional conservators to assist with her work. She is currently working at the Australian War Memorial as a Preventive

Student Conservator of the Year2020-12-28T09:35:15+11:00



This award, formally known as the AICCM Hall of Fame, recognises career long contributors to Conservation and acknowledges skills sharing across levels of seniority ensuring that skills are not lost from the profession. 2020 Kay Soderlund The AICCM Medal is not often awarded, but this year we have the

AICCM Medal2020-12-28T11:38:08+11:00
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